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Our Commitment to Safety

We recognize times have changed. Priorities have shifted. Today, nothing is more important than the health and safety of our staff and patients. With this in mind we are happy to share some additional steps we are taking to make every visit to our office as safe as possible. These actions are incremental to our normal standard of care that meet or exceed all CDC, OSHA and ADA guidelines for dental practices.

Our goal is to add peace of mind to the friendliness and clinical excellence you have come to expect. Of course, this is an ongoing commitment that will evolve with the times. As always, we welcome the opportunity to answer any of your questions and to address all concerns.


We are in this together! Never underestimate the power of a smile!

Advanced Staff Training

Each member of our team has completed additional awareness and prevention programs to enhance their knowledge and preparedness

Daily Health Checks of Our Team

Each employee does a daily self health check, monitors themself for symptoms. We follow CDC guidelines for exposure, quarantines and proper masking.

Personal Hygiene Standards

Along with short hair or pulling hair back; this means no long fingernails or excessive jewelry for any team member while in the office.


Change Work Clothes at Work

As always, we change into and out of our newly cleaned scrubs at the office, every day


Anti-Microbial Rinse

In addition to brushing and flossing before your visit, we will provide you with a swig of Peroxyl to swish in your mouth 2x for 30 seconds each before we start.


Waiting Room - Open again or you may wait in your car.

Now, you can check-in, in person or from your car. Mask upon entry are optional. 


Pre-Screening of Every Patient

A quick health questionnaire will be reviewed before your appointment. If you have any symptoms of COVI-19 or Flu we ask that your reschedule your appointment. You can have symptoms and still test Negative, so to keep our staff and patients safe we ask that you be aware of this before coming to your appointment. 


Hospital-Grade Hand Sanitizing Station

Every patient will be asked to not wear gloves but to thoroughly disinfect their hands before entering the clinical area of our practice.


Cleaning After Every Appointment

As always, we are super clean as we thoroughly wipe, sanitize, and disinfect all instruments, equipment, and surfaces in each operatory after each patient.


N95 & ASTM Level 3 Masks

The beautiful smiles of our clinical team will be protected behind masks at all times- don’t worry, we are smiling behind those masks


Face Shields

Our clinical team may also protect themselves through the use of face shields.


Protective Coats 

Our team will be changing outerwear between every patient to minimize the spread or absorption of airborne particles


Advanced Chairside Suction

Whenever possible, we will activate high speed & extra-oral evacuation to minimize aerosol contamination and improve air quality


Air Filtration

Our air has never been cleaner. We have added two HEPA-grade filters and ionization units throughout the office.


Magazines or Activities

There are now Magazines available if you choose to read them.

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