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Our Philosophy

Here at Parker River Dental, we are unique in the way we practice dentistry. We are not in the business of treating “teeth”, but rather treating the person who may have a tooth related problem. We treat our patients as a whole, considering their general health and well-being. We are respectful and strive to create a professional, but relaxing and caring environment. This is so important considering the high incidence of dental fears that have been instilled in people from previous, poor experiences. When you become part of our dental family, you will be surrounded by happy people who care about what they do and make your experience as calm and positive as possible.

We are a group of life-long learners. It is important to us that we learn the latest techniques and technologies, and we are always working at bettering ourselves personally and professionally.  So many offices become stagnant in their learning and practices, and this is a true disservice to their patients.

We spend time listening to our patients’ concerns and complaints. We do a very thorough comprehensive exam.  It is our philosophy to teach our patients about their dental health in hopes to prevent dental disease, but when treatment becomes necessary, we spend the time to explain the procedures thoroughly and discuss insurance and payment options. The patient can then make an educated decision about their treatment.

When we present a comprehensive treatment plan to a patient, they know that we have taken into consideration all of their dental needs, their total health, and their personal fears and comfort. We have found over the years that this comprehensive, organized approach to treatment is the best way to predict potential problems and allow for the best outcome. Stepping back and looking at why things happen and not just putting out fires is often important and can prevent future problems for the patient.

We understand that this approach may be different from the way you have been treated in the past, but if you see the value in this type of treatment, please call for an appointment and join our dental family.

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