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We are very proud to serve Essex County and equally proud of the compliments we receive!

Parker River Dental is dedicated to building a lifelong relationship with you as your team of comprehensive oral healthcare providers. It is our desire to make your experience as comfortable and relaxing as possible. Our office treats you with the respect, friendliness, care, and skill you expect and deserve. 

I hate the dentist. It's my number one fear and because of that I've only been to the dentist once in 10 years... until my mom recommended Dr.Davies @ Parker river. 
Besides the office being easily accessible from the highway and beautifully decorated and cozy, all of the employees are some of  THE NICEST PEOPLE I've encountered. 
The attention to detail in my consult blew me away. They took photos, inspected my mouth and charted every last tooth in my mouth. This made me confident and really appreciated the attention to detail. 
My mouth is a disaster, I knew it was. Dr. Davies was a straight shooter and told me everything I needed done and in what order and I didn't feel judged once for how poorly I've taken care of my teeth. Which was also really nice for me because the last thing I want is to be judged when I had finally built my confidence to put my butt in the chair. 
She stopped a serious infection in my mouth, four years old mind you, and recommend a root canal ASAP. Last thing I wanted to hear, but it was a necessity. 
I went for my root canal yesterday- I was nervous but they made me feel so comfortable. She walked me through every step while we were doing the procedure and I had 0 pain at all. Now 24 hours later, I still have no pain at all! I actually feel BETTER!!!! 
After coming to Parker river Dental, I signed myself up on dental insurance because they've made this such a great experience I'm not afraid of the dentist anymore! 

Thank you Parker River!

Caitlin O. 3.28.2018


Have always been fearful about the dentist.However,all staff make me feel comfortable.Never experienced pain while undergoing a root canal.Relaxed setting.Everyone always has a bright smile when entering the office. 


Patricia R. 5.22.2018


By far the best dental practice I've ever been to. The entire team at Parker River Dental is professional, friendly and just plain fun ! I recently had a new procedure done and it went like clockwork ~ everybody was right in sync. This team never ceases to amaze me , I highly recommend PRD to everyone. Thank you so very much for the great care you have given me over the past 10 years. 


Dean S. 4.4.2018



This is by far the most pleasant dental office I have ever been to. Dr, Davies and her employees obviously strive to make it a good experience for their patients and it shines through in the work they perform. Thank you Parker River Dental, I’m so glad I found you!


Lynne C. 3.24.2018


Parker River Dental is the best Dental practice I have ever been to. I travel with my job and schedule my vacations around my dental appointments. Yes they are that good. They treat you like part of the family and it’s always refreshing to see everyone.


Jennifer C. 1.4. 2018


Parker River Dental is a great dental office. The service is always professional but more comfortable. I am so happy with the practice, and happy I switched from the chain dentistry. it is nice to have someone remember you.


Jacqualyn R. 11.18.2017

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