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Adding Mouthtrinse To Your WaterPik

WaterPiks are an excellent way to help remove interproximal debris and help prevent gingivitis especially for those people who struggle with traditional flossing. If you do not already have a waterPik I would highly recommend investing in one. If you already have a waterPik; do you use mouthrinse in it? Although warm water alone does a great job at removing interproximal debris, adding a mouthrinse provides many additional benefits. Standard mouthrinses help neutralize odor in your mouth as well as freshen your breath. Antiseptic mouthrinses that contain alcohol help fight bacteria that grow in the oral cavity, preventing gingivitis and gum disease. Prescription mouthrinses such as chlorhexidine can help treat gum disease.

It’s important that these rinses be used in a small 1:1 ratio and mixed with warm water to prevent any damage to the unit. Once you mix the mouthrinse in with the water, follow the instructions on how to use the waterPik, see attached link for video. If using a prescription rinse for localized pocketing set the waterPik at its lowest setting, place the soft tip against the tooth at a 45 degree angle, and then gently place tip into pocket, turn on the unit and move along the gumline. After using mouthrinse in the waterPik make sure to rinse the unit out thoroughly with plain warm water and run it through the tip.

Although many rinses are ok to use in the waterPik there are a few that are not recommended as they could cause damage to the unit; essential oils, baking soda, coconut oil, iodine or saline solution.

Instructions on how to use waterPik:

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