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Back To School!

It’s that time of year when parents are singing and doing their happy dance as their kids head back to school! I’m sure most people have started their back to school shopping. I know my son is starting preschool this fall and he is all excited about his new backpack and lunch box! Oh the little things in life that makes children happy.

With the new school year starting, I wanted to share a story that I had read from a fellow facebook friend. This friend is a teacher and shared their recent experience at Wal-Mart while shopping for school supplies.  I wanted to share it with you as I think it’s important. When I was a kid I could not wait for the letter in the mail to come telling me who my teacher was, and what school supplies I needed. I know school supplies are not cheap, but it is what every student needs to start the school year off successfully. The teacher I mentioned above was at Wal-Mart shopping for classroom supplies. As he was shopping, two sets of parents, in front of their children, were complaining to him about school supplies and how much they cost and how inconsiderate these teachers are asking parents to buy all these supplies. Once the teacher finished shopping he got in line at the register and the gentleman in front of him finished paying, smiled and said “you’re a teacher, right? Thank you for all you do, here is a little gift for you." The gentleman handed him a $25 gift card to use towards his purchase, and as they walked away the gentleman’s daughter had a huge smile on her face. This is the short version of the story, but the reason I wanted to share is to remind people how positivity goes a long way. The attitude, excitement, and respect, we as parents show towards school and teachers will reflect our children’s outlook. If they start school with the power of positivity they will have a better, more positive school year, setting them up for greater success.

Fun School Facts!

  • Boston’s Latin School is the oldest public school in the U.S. It opened on April 23, 1635.

  • High School did not exist until the 1930’s, during the great depression as there were not enough jobs to support teenagers as well as families.

  • In the U.S approximately 480,000 school buses bring children back & forth to school.

  • School buses are yellow because it attracts more attention than any other color.

  • Crayola started making crayons in 1903 with 8 colors now they have 120.

  • By the time a child is 10 it is believed they have worn down 730 crayons.

  • It is believed that a single pencil can draw a line 35 miles long.

  • Erasers were added to Pencils in 1858.

  • Worldwide 14 billion pencils are made each year.

  • 67% of kids like school.

~Happy New School Year~

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