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Does Your Smile Make You Happy?

Many people are unhappy with their smile but are unsure what they can do about it. I have made a list of six possible treatment options that could be used to help improve your smile, all of which we do here at Parker River Dental.

  • Whitening- most people simply want whiter teeth! There are many ways of whitening your teeth from over the counter to In-office whitening. The results may vary depending on the current color/shade of your teeth. I would discuss options with your dentist and always be looking for the ADA seal of acceptance on any over the counter products.

  • Bonding- This is a simple treatment option where the dentist can restore the natural look of your tooth by attaching or “bonding” resin directly to it. This can change the shape and shade of your teeth.

  • Veneers- These are thin shells that are made of tooth-colored porcelain. They are designed to cover the front and sides of your teeth. Veneers do require you to remove some tooth enamel to accommodate the shell, and make them appear as natural teeth.

  • Crowns – As mentioned in my blog “Crowned in a day” (posted May 16, 2018), crowns are an excellent way to make teeth stronger, as well as cover discolored or miss shaped teeth. They can be used as a single tooth or connected with other crowns to create a bridge to help fill spaces of missing teeth.

  • Implants- Have become a common treatment to help replace missing teeth. They are made out of titanium and are surgically placed within the bone of the upper or lower jaw. They become a sturdy anchor to hold restorations, such as single unit crowns or multi-unit bridges to help restore your smile and proper occlusion for chewing.

  • Orthodontic Treatment- Braces are commonly seen on children, but also helpful for adults who suffer from malocclusion- crooked, crowded, misaligned teeth. (Refer to my blog: Wishing you could have straighter teeth?, posted February 21, 2018) Due to technology; traditional metal braces are no longer the only option for orthodontic treatment. Invisalign has become a popular way for many adults to help straighten out their smile.

If you’re unhappy with your smile, be sure to discuss treatment options with your dentist. You deserve to let those pearly whites shine! Remember; it has been stated that the act of smiling activates neural messaging that benefits your health and happiness.

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