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Enjoying Summer!

Updated: Oct 2, 2018

I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful summer! I cannot believe today is August 1st.  One more month before school starts for most people. Summer is one of my favorite seasons as there is so much to do, windows are open, flip flops are on, and the sun is always shining!

Here are a few fun things I have done this summer!

We kicked off the summer with a family trip to Disney! It was my dad’s 60th, my parents 40th wedding anniversary, my sisters 30th and my son’s 1st trip. We had a spectacular time and I cannot wait to go again when my son is older. July has been filled with swimming, relaxing, York’s Wild Animal Kingdom and a couple weekend trips to Maine.

This past weekend was the Tough Mountain Challenge at Sunday River. We started running this race in 2013 with a group of 6 girls and now we have 14 people on our team. It is a fun, challenging race! This year was a newer longer 4.5 miles course with 20 obstacles. We push ourselves to the max and felt so accomplished after we complete the race. It is a weekend filled with friendship, laughter and fun! * Here is the link if you think it is something you may want to challenge yourself to next year!

This past Monday we headed further north and went White Water Rafting with my family at Dead River Expeditions. We rafted the Kennebec River- with areas of intense rapids followed by swimming rapids and relaxing waters! We even enjoyed delicious homemade chocolate chips cookies as a snack while rafting! I have not been rafting in a few years and forgot how much fun it was. If you’re looking for a fun family adventure I would look into some rafting in West Forks, Maine.

Can’t wait to see what August brings! What have you been doing all summer?

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