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Fall Fun

What fall traditions do you have? Many people enjoy the yearly fall traditions of apple picking and going to fairs! We are so lucky to live in New England and have so many different farms and apple orchards around us. This year was the 1st time we brought our son apple picking and he loved it. We enjoyed a hay ride to the apple orchard and we picked a peck of apples. We tried Macintosh, Courtland, Empire and a new one that I had never heard of, called Northern Spy, which was sweet and a little tangy, but delicious. After apple picking, we enjoyed lunch at the farm and got some fresh kettle corn popcorn and cider donuts, of course. The big decision always is what to make with your apples? We ate a few but then made a delicious apple crisp with the rest. Fresh apple crisp with a little ice cream and whip cream- Yummy! Landon enjoyed cutting the apples as he had been learning about apples at Pre-School, they also went apple picking and made apple sauce. The apple crisp recipe I used was the best apple crisp I have ever made. The topping was perfect and everyone agreed! I attached the recipe below if you want to try it for yourself!

Although we live near the Topsfield Fair, we went to my favorite fair this year, the Fryeburg Fair. We enjoyed the day with family and supported many of the local craft companies and specially food companies, I mean who can say no to delicious seven time award winning blueberry jam, salted caramel chocolates, java lava cakes and homemade BBQ sauces! Landon also enjoyed Old MacDonald’s Farm, sitting on tractors, and seeing all the animals. He was amazed by the black smith who gave him a chain link that he can bring back next year to add another one. My husband had never been to the Fryeburg Fair and he was amazed at how large it was, so big we didn’t even get to see it all. We are all excited to go back in 2019 and do it all over again!

The fall has just begun and there is still so many fun fall events coming up! Check your town’s local calendar to see what events are coming up over the next few weekends!

Nunan’s is having their annual fall festival this Saturday from 11am- 3pm

Amesbury has the annual Fire Fighters Chili Cook-off from 12:00 – 4pm

Cider Hill Farm and Apple Crest always have fun fall festivities going until the end of October!

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