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Free Summer Fridays Are Here!

Fridays during the summer mean free fun! The Highland Street Foundation was established in 1989 by David J. McGrath, Jr. Sadly he passed away in May 1995 but his wife and two children have continued with perusing their passion and commitment in providing access to opportunities in education, housing, mentorship, health care, environment, and the arts. Free Fun Fridays started 10 years ago in 2009 and provides free admission into Zoo’s, Museums, and many other historical venues in every corner of Massachusetts during the summer. The program runs for 10 weeks during the summer; starting Friday June 28th and runs until Friday August 30th. There are 10 different venues featured every week that you can choose from. It is free, and available to everyone, not just Massachusetts residents. There is no pre-purchase necessary, just show up and have fun! If you are planning a vacation on the Cape, make sure to check the list as there is one participating venue on the Cape most of the Fridays.

The following link is for the website with more detailed information and a list of the different venues for each of the 10 Fridays!

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