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Hands Free Tooth brushing

V- White Innovative Toothbrush

Have you seen the new hands-free automatic toothbrush? It looks pretty amazing, and who does not want to simplify brushing. You can brush all your teeth at once and even whiten them at the same time. Dr. Davies and I were both intrigued by this new innovative toothbrush. We thought it would be a great option for people with disabilities, and children who struggle with brushing. Several of our patients were also asking us if we had heard about this new toothbrush and what we thought about it. So, Dr. Davies purchased one for each of us one to try.

We were both excited when our V-White brushes arrived, we charged them that afternoon and used them that night. This is how my experience went; I put toothpaste in the suggested areas of the rubber bristles, put the double sided tray brush in my mouth and turned it on. It stopped after the 45 second brushing time, I took it out and noticed none of the toothpaste moved or foamed up. I then rubbed my tongue around my teeth, nothing felt clean so I tried another setting and precede to do this three more times, not once did my teeth feel clean. I was so disappointed; the brush did nothing other than tickle my nose. I had to go back with my Sonicare and brush all my teeth again for two minutes.

The next morning Dr. Davies and I compared our thoughts and we were finishing each other’s sentences with disappointment. I do feel the concept of this brush is great, especially for those who have limited abilities to use a toothbrush properly. The charging station is slim and the brush holds a good charge. The brush itself is light weight, comfortable, and easy to hold in your mouth. I did find it difficult to remove the toothpaste from the tray when I was finished brushing. My hope is they will prefect this brush to make it more effective in removing plaque, but for now this is not a product I would recommend when it comes to brushing your teeth. You need to use a proper brush and take the two minutes to do a proper job.

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