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Happy Halloween!

Can you believe its October 31st already? In Halloween tradition here at Parker River Dental we wore our festive shirts and accessories to work today. I also brought in delicious Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies (recipe below). I wanted to keep today's blog fun, so I thought I would share some Halloween facts and traditions as well as good dental tips for eating candy.

· Did you know Halloween became commercialized in the US in the 1900’s.

· Costumes 1st appeared in stores in the 1930’s

· Trick or treat began in the 1950’s

· Halloween costumes, yard decorations and candy have only become more advanced and profitable over the years and it’s been stated that Halloween is one of the largest grossing Holidays in America.

· 2020 will be the next year when there will be a full moon on Halloween

· Jack O’ Lanterns originated in Ireland as hollowed out turnips with candles in place to keep away the evil ghosts and sprits on the Samhain holiday.

· Orange and Black are traditional Halloween colors – Orange represents fall, and Black represents darkness.

Some fun things that are American Traditions, but not traditional in other parts of the world

· Candy Corn

· Sexy/ Creative Costumes – in other parts of the world there are strict dress codes

· Pumpkin/ Halloween Beer

· Decorating Houses – Most people go all out in America, more than traditional pumpkins & skeletons

· Trick -or – Treating in general is most commonly practiced in America

Dental Tips on ways to best prevent cavities from Halloween Candy

· Chocolate is the best candy to eat as it melts fast and saliva washes it away quickly.

· Discard the sugary sticky candies, like fruit snacks, gummy bears, taffy, caramels, popcorn balls or lollipops. These all overload the teeth with sugar for long periods of time and take longer to get washed away by the saliva. The sticky candy also sticks to your teeth and harbors the plaque.

· Eat small amounts and drink water right after to help wash it away.

· Avoid grazing on candy

· Donate some of it to different organizations including Troops over seas

· Remind kids that candy can cause cavities and its important to have proper dental homecare after eating candy.

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