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Have You Brought Your Child To Meet Their Dentist?

The American Dental Association and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends the 1st dental visit should be 6 months after the babies’ first tooth erupts, preferably no later than the child’s 1st Birthday. Although not all children will allow us to take a peak in their mouths, it is a great way for kids to meet the staff and start getting comfortable at the office. We also like to introduce them to “our friends” (the tools we use) and go for a ride in the chair, it’s all about having fun and creating a lifelong enjoyable experience.

This visit is also important for parents to ask about any concerns they may have. As dental professionals we will also discuss and give recommendations on the best way to provide your child with a healthy oral cavity. Some of the specific things we like to review are how to properly brush and floss their child’s teeth, discuss diet including liquids, fluoride needs, thumb sucking, as well as pacifier and sippy cup usage.

If your child is a toddler and closer to 2 or 3 years old their visit will include all of the above, as well as a more in depth exam of their teeth and gums, and dental cleaning. Some children are great and cooperate for these procedures, for others it may take 2-3 times, which is ok because they end up loving us and having a great time, with no lifelong fear attached. Our goal at Parker River Dental is for all of our patients to have a positive and enjoyable experience.

Goals at 1st apt:

· We will introduce your child to our staff

· Show and Tell –introduce your child to all the fun things we use during their cleanings. (Mr. tickle brush, Mrs. thirsty, squirt, Mrs. mirror and Mr. tooth counter) Our goal is to make your child feel comfortable and safe as well as have fun!

· We will count their teeth – examine for cavities

· Hand Scale (if needed), polish, and floss. We will also do a fluoride application when appropriate.

· We will review homecare with you and the child

· We will review your child’s diet: sugars, carbs and liquids

Tips for a Great Visit:

· Talk to your child about the visit, discuss what’s going to happen and be positive

· Have your child practice opening and closing their mouth

· Reading books or watching video’s about 1st dental visits

· We recommend not scheduling during nap time. Try to pick a time when you know they are generally well rested

· Please save snacks for after the visit

· If possible, please have all your paperwork filled out prior to coming in with your child

· Check out our website to meet our staff and see photos of the office

Our YouTube Video - example of a 3 year old child’s 1st visit.

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