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It's Valentine’s Day!

Chocolates from Ovedia in Amesbury, Ma

How many of you remember the special chalky hearts that you could give to people that said things like “Hug Me, Kiss Me, I Love You, Be Mine”? I just found out they are no longer making them, which made me a little sad. I did not eat them often but they were a staple in Valentine’s Day gift giving and a fun way to spread a little love. What are you doing this year to show your loved ones how much you love them? Dinner, Flowers, Chocolates, Chocolate covered strawberries (my favorite) or just simply having a cup of coffee together. My husband and I don’t go crazy on the gift giving of this romantic holiday but we do get each other a card and a special small item. I feel it’s important to make the time daily for your significant other and Valentine’s Day is a good reminder to stop and say I love you. We all get so busy with our daily work lives and/ or our children’s lives that sometimes we forget how important romance is in a relationship. Valentine’s Day does not have to be about fancy gifts or dinners; just let it be about spending quality time with your loved ones, and chocolate of course.

Although chocolate is not the way to everyone’s hearts, health experts are now saying quality dark chocolate has many health benefits of being nutritious and is the best source of Antioxidants as it’s made from a seed of a cocoa tree. This summer I did a walking tour of the North End and learned about the history of chocolate, as well as how it’s made at Captain Jackson’s Historic Chocolate Shop, right outside the Old North Church. This historic chocolate shop was owned and operated in the North End by Captain Newark Jackson starting in 1740’s. If you get a chance to do a walking tour in the North End make sure you stop, for now here are some great local places.

Delicious Local Chocolates:

Ovedia Artisan Chocolates - Amesbury

New England Chocolate Co – Salisbury

Winfrey's Fudge & Chocolates- Rowley

Simply sweet- Newburyport

Some fun at home ideas include;

Making dinner together

Make cards for each other with old photos or memories

Watch a Movie

Enjoy a beverage of your choice together in a quiet space

Go for a walk

If you want to enjoy a restaurant, but don’t want to spend the money on the Valentine’s Day menu, try going out the day or weekend after. Some delicious fancy restaurants I have really enjoy around the area are;


Phat Cat Bistro


The Coop Rotisserie

Ristorante Molise



Sea Level


Black Cow

Ceia Kitchen & Bar

New Hampshire:

CR’S – Hampton

Atlantic Grill- Rye

Ron’s Landing – Hampton Beach

Martingale Wharf - Portsmouth

Cafe Mediterraneo – Portsmouth

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