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Mindful Brushing

Do you multitask when brushing your teeth? “Research has shown that too much multitasking has the same effect on our IQ’s as a bong hit.” – Katrina Alcorn

I have been reading a book with my fitness challenge group called “Breathe Mama Breathe” by Shonda Moralis which focuses on everyday mindful moments.  I don’t think we realize how often our mind wonders and we lose focus on the present.  Most of us are guilty of being on autopilot and multitasking. As a hygienist I’m always interested when books incorporate dental topics. In chapter two Shonda discusses tooth brushing, and how most people struggle staying focused for the entire two minutes. She explains how she is guilty of “feeling compelled to walk around desperately looking to multitask.” When I was reading this I started laughing because I’m just as guilty in the morning opening my blinds, getting my lunch out of the fridge and as I talked to friends and patients I realized this is a common practice. I’m not sure if people do it out of habit, boredom or want to use their time wisely but we all need to stop and be more mindful of our brushing routine.

Tooth brushing is a great time to take two minutes for yourself and your thoughts. Challenge yourself to be present while brushing, hold your toothbrush lightly and enjoy the smell of your toothpaste and the tingle on your gums. Set a two minute timer if your toothbrush does not have one and focus on each individual section of your mouth.

I’m sharing this is because we all are so busy and feel that multitasking is the best way to get through the day, but the truth is sometimes we need to slow down and focus on one moment at a time.  If you’re a parent I highly recommend this book as a guide to help you feel more connected with yourself and your family.

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