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One Month Home

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I hope you are all doing well and staying healthy. I want to start my blog off by giving a big THANK YOU to all our essential employees that are working, especially nurses, doctors, and paramedics that are on the frontlines. We appreciate all of you, and your families as these are trying times. I’ve been home from work a month now and its been a mixed bag of emotions. I’ve been getting projects done, running, baking, listening to Podcasts, watching dental webinars, participating in a 90-day challenge with Rachel Hollis, and lots of family adventures. I’m grateful for the extra time with my two young children, but watching my four-year-old son struggle emotionally is heartbreaking. As parents my husband and I are trying to explain what’s happening all while keeping his sweet, loving, happy personality a float as I’m sure many of you are as well, and man is it hard. Our one-year old daughter on the other hand is loving all this extra time. She is climbing and getting into everything, as well as becoming more daring and letting go to walk on her own. I will say it's nice to be home to experience this growth with her!

Like I said above while I’ve been home from work, I have been doing some online continuing education webinars, and listening to how things will be different when we go back to work. I’m mentally preparing myself for all the new changes. Right now, I’m concerned about how this quarantine is affecting my patient’s oral health, and overall health as stress tends to affect our habits. I understand everyone has a lot on there plates right now, but I want to encourage everyone to stick to their good habits, or create new ones while they have the time. This includes moving your body for at least 30 minutes a day, making good food choices, and having good oral hygiene. I realize that most people probably do not want to floss as they don’t want to put their hands in their mouth due to the risk of COVID-19. If you find yourself not flossing as often because of this I strongly recommend purchasing the Waterpik water flosser. The Aquarius is my favorite unit and can be bought easily on Amazon, check out my blog on Water flossing for a video on how to use it. I am recommending this because the Waterpik has proven to be extremely beneficial in removing 99% all the bacteria around your teeth and below the gumline that increases risk of gum disease, decay, and inflammation. Check out my blog I recently posted on how inflammation effects your entire body.

As a reminder good oral hygiene is extra important right now as some of you are missing your appointments, or three month recalls. I don’t know about you but I’m finding most people are snacking, and drinking more often causing a more acidic environment, increasing the risk of decay and plaque buildup. I’m not sure how much longer we will all be quarantined at home, but I know we have at least 16 more days and they say it take 21- 30 days to create a good habit. I’m going to encourage you to challenge yourself to see if you can get into that good oral hygiene routine you have been wanting, but had been to busy rushing out the door or falling asleep.

To all of our family, friends, and patients stay safe, healthy, and positive, we will all continue to get through this together! I would love to keep hearing from you and seeing some photos of your happy moments throughout the day. Let’s keep boosting everyone’s morale with pictures! Share on social media with your friends and don’t forget to tag Parker River Dental on Facebook and Instagram so we are able to see them too.

Be Well,


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