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Positive Friday Vibes!

Positive Vibes from my family

Its been a crazy two weeks around here. I decided for this week’s blog to keep it light and check in with everyone. I have been home with my kids which has been the positive side of this negative situation. As a full-time working mom, time with my kids is limited and precious so any extra time I consider myself lucky to have. We are trying our best to stay positive, keep a routine with school work, excising, as well as getting as much outside time as we can. Although, this virus has turned everyone’s schedules, routines, and lives upside down I’m trying to focus on the good; people having more family time, less rushing around, and maybe trying new things they didn’t before. As a family we have tried new walking trails, been playing hopscotch in the driveway, bike riding, making dinner as a family, and the snow was an exciting added benefit as my son had been dying to play and go sledding in the snow all winter.

We are taking one day at a time and using video chats often to talk to family and friends. My little guy is struggling the most through all of this. Like his mama he is very social and looks forward to his daily routine of school and daycare. He loves his friends, and going to Maine which came to an abrupt halt two weeks ago. His entire life and routine changed in 24 hours and it is making him sad, which as a four-year-old he is struggling to express. Thankfully his pre-school teacher is doing daily lessons live at 1:00 on Facebook (Small Wonders Preschool) * feel free to join if you have children wanting to listen to a story or do an art project. Today we are reading going on a Bear Hunt and making bear hunting binoculars. Then we will head out as a family searching for bears that people have been putting in their front windows around town. If you are home and reading this feel free to put a bear in your front window, or door for kids to find on their bear hunts.

We would like to say thank you to all our family, friends, and patients who are working hard on the front lines. We know this is extremely difficult on you and your families. We appreciate all that you are doing.

For those who have been making masks, or donating to the hospitals thank you for your generosity! An additional thank you to Tom’s Discount who donated 7,000 gloves to Anna Jaques Hospital this week.

To all of our family, friends, and patients stay safe, healthy, and positive, we will all get through this together!

To try and help us all stay positive and not get overly focused on the unsettling negatives, I would love to hear from you and see some photos of your happy moments throughout the day. Most of social media is all about the Coronavirus, let’s boost everyone’s moral with posting a daily picture of you doing something you love by yourself or with your family! Share photos on social media with your friends and don’t forget to tag Parker River Dental on Facebook and Instagram so we are able to see them too.

Be Well from Parker River Dental

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