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Positive Friday Vibes: COVID-19 Series

As quarantine restrictions are slowly being lifted and things are opening back up, I thought I would continue my COVID-19 blog series letting you all know how things are going here at Parker River Dental. They are going well! We are in phase one of opening, the office is open all four days but each of us are working limited days allowing us to have limited people in the office and spread out our patients. We are seeing emergency patients, restorative patients that are at risk of becoming more involved emergencies and certain medically compromised patients. I feel this is really important as research has shown how bacteria and inflammation can affect the health of one’s oral cavity in addition to their overall health. Bacteria and inflammation in the oral cavity are a concern for everyone, but are most concerning in medically compromised patients as it can put them at a higher risk of complications with their medical diagnosis. For more specific details take a look at many of my previous blogs relating to specific conditions such as Diabetes, Heart Problems, Pregnancy, and Alzheimer’s.

Some patients are hesitant to come in for their appointments as COVID-19 is overwhelmingly concerning. I understand this as it concerned me as well. I was very nervous about coming back to work but I think we have done a great job in taking many additional measures to protect our patients. All of our patients who have come in have been great about following our new protocols. As usual our Parker River Dental Team members are working together making sure we provide the best care for our patients while keeping everyone safe. If you have not already read my last two blogs to see all of our new protocols, and what we have been doing to protect ourselves and our patients, I encourage you to read them. It will explain what is expected of you, as well as what you can expect to see when you come in to the office.

As phase two approaches on June 8th we are hoping to be able to start seeing more routine care patients, but we won’t know if this will be allowed until then. In the meantime, as I have said before, please continue to stay on top of your homecare routine to keep your oral health, and overall health at its best. It’s amazing how much can change, and build up in your mouth in a short period of time. If you need some tips on good techniques, types of toothpaste, toothbrushes, rinses, or a waterPik, please feel free to scroll though all my past blogs as I’m sure you will find some helpful tips to hold you over till I get to see you again!

We miss all of you, and hope you are enjoying this beautiful weather we are having! Happy Friday and enjoy your weekend!

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