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Quip Toothbrushes?

A few of my patients and family members have asked me recently what I thought about the new Quip toothbrush. To be honest I had never heard of it, so I looked it up and did some research. The quip brush is a slim electric toothbrush that has a gentle vibration, and a built in two-minute timer with a 30 second quad pacer. This brush has been designed to provide easy travel use, and even has a wall mount system for easy storage. This company is not just marketing their brush, they are marketing long term healthy brushing habits. One of there big selling points is that once you buy the brush, they offer automatic brush head delivery every three months for a small fee, you can also sign up for their digital reminders to help keep you on track with your routine dental visits.

Many people struggle with their brushing/ dental habits, which is why I feel this company came up with their business plan. The truth is, you could have the best and most expensive brush on the market but if not used properly (technique, changing brush head and keeping up with recalls) then it does not matter. You need to take your time when you’re brushing and change the brush head every three months for it to do a proper cleaning and keep your teeth/ mouth healthy. Quip brushes were designed with the average person in mind, and the notion that most people struggle with good habits.

Although, this product is advertised as “The Perfect brush”, and I do feel it would benefit some people, I do not think it’s for everyone. After reading many of the online reviews I would say if you already have the Sonicare or Oral-B Electric toothbrush stick with that and sign up for a brush head subscription through Amazon. You will get a small discount and the heads will be automatically delivered every 3 months or you can put a reminder in your phone to change them every three months. The newer Sonicare Flexcare and Diamond Clean brushes have smart apps that go with them as well to help you with your brushing habits and making sure you’re changing your toothbrush head as needed. If you do not have an Electric toothbrush, or you have tried the Sonicare or Oral-B and the vibration was too much for you, the Quip brush maybe a great place for you to start.

Happy Brushing!

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