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Staying Updated on Medical Emergencies

This past Friday our dental team went on an adventure to Portsmouth, NH to stay current with medical emergencies management in our office. We took an eight-hour class that goes into great detail on what medical supplies we need to have in our office, how to properly use them, and scenarios which they may need to be used. It’s important for dental professionals to be educated on how to recognize different medical concerns and what actions to take to best protect our patients. As dental professionals we are required to know our patients medical background and beware of any changes. We see our patients on a three to six month recall schedule, which means we see you more consistently than your primary care physician.

Many people are unaware of the overall importance and connection between your general and oral health. Did you know that medications, chronic conditions, autoimmune disorders, and allergies can affect your gums, teeth, and dental treatment plans? When a dental professional is asking you about medical changes, or concerns please let them know if you have had any changes since the last time you saw them. These changes could affect your treatment, or prescribed medications. No one ever knows when they may experience Syncope, Seizure’s, Stroke, Cardiac Arrest, or an allergic reaction which is why it’s so important for our patients to make sure we have their most current medical history including; medications, conditions, surgeries, allergies or hospitalizations.


  • Carry a list of your medications/ Allergies in your wallet, or in the medical information App on your phone.

  • If you use an inhaler or Epi- Pen- try to keep it with you

  • If you are diabetic stay on top of checking your blood sugars. We recommend checking it before a dental appointment to make sure you don’t need to eat before.

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