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This Week At Parker River Dental!

Happy Friday! Although I am not actively working in the office full time, I am working full time at home taking care of two loving, smiling, and very active children while my husband is still working, which is why I look forward to Friday. There is just something calming knowing that tomorrow is Saturday. This week has been a little windy but beautiful, and this weekend is also supposed to be nice. I hope you all had a chance to read my blog from last week, as it went into great detail about the new protocols as well as modifications that we have made around the office due to COVID-19. If you have not read it, I strongly encourage you too, so you can be aware of what we are doing to keep all of our patients and ourselves safe.

On Tuesday the six of us reviewed the new protocols together in detail on how we are going to handle each day and patient. We did a trial run Thursday in the office on how a patient’s appointment will go. We started with the day before pre-screening phone call, followed by the patient calling to check in with the safety officer when they arrive in parking lot, safety officer meeting patient at the door and walking them to their operatory. Valerie and I both had a chance to do a dry run through putting on all our PPE’s, breaking down a dirty room, and properly removing dirty PPE’s. This practice was extremely beneficial in making us all extra confident in ourselves with the new protocols and additional PPE’s. Although, there are a lot more steps we need to take between patients with removing our PPE’s, I think our office has a good handle on things as always. I am sure on a busy day; we may feel a little differently due to timing but that’s life.

Life is beautiful but it isn't always easy. We must learn to take the good with the bad, hang in there and always remember, tomorrow is a brand-new day." — Unknown

I’m a honest person and have always been honest with my patients, so I will tell you a few of us were a little nervous about what to expect, but Dr. Davies has done a wonderful job at making sure we are all taken care of as employees, and has taken extra measures to protect our patients. Our office has always had top notch Infection Control and we have stepped it up even more now. Although these are uncertain times and we are all at risk, I feel that as long as our patients follow our requests and recommendations, together we will be able to provide a safe environment for all of our patients.

Enjoy your weekend!

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