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We Are Open!

If you hadn’t heard already, we wanted to let you all know that we are now fully open and seeing all patients. Although we are open, we do have a few additional guidelines that we are required to follow. Our staff is excited to be back in the office together, and seeing our patients again. A big thank you to all our patients for following our new guidelines for your appointments. If you are a patient of ours and haven’t read the COVID-19 blog, please read it so you can be prepared for what to expect before, during, and after your appointment as protocols have changed.

I want to ask everyone to bear with us over the next few months. We understand everyone has a busy schedule and we are trying to make sure we run on time, but sometimes things happen and we get behind. Our office has always been top notch with our infection control process but now we have some extra little steps which take time to complete. In addition to these extra steps many of our patients are overdue as we had been closed for almost three months, this means cleaning appointments can take a little longer. Why would a cleaning take a little longer? Because the ladies at Parker River Dental strive for providing the best dental care, which means we don’t stop until it’s done and done right!

If you have any questions please message us, give us a call, or check our website for more information. We look forward to seeing everyone and hope everyone is staying healthy.

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