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Why Preprocedural Rinsing at Dental Appointments Is Important

Have you been back to your dental office since COVID-19? Did they have you use a rinse before they started treatment, and you're wondering what it was or why they had you use one?

This new safety precaution is called preprocedural rinsing. It is a way for your dental professionals to decrease the risk of viral and bacterial pathogens in dental aerosols. Although COVID-19 is most commonly spread through droplets and contact, aerosols can also be a mode of transmission. Aerosol is a suspension of fine solid particles or liquid droplets in the air. These aerosols are released from your oral cavity when you talk, cough and when dental procedures are being done, which is why its imperative for us to take all steps needed to decrease any viral and bacterial pathogens we can.

What is the preprocedural rinse? There are a few different rinses on the market, but what qualifies it as a proper preprocedural rinse is that it contains 1.5% hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide as I have discussed in previous blogs is a great way to decrease bacteria in the oral cavity as long as it's used safely. Although, the preprocedural rinse has been recommended by the American Dental Association and CDC to use at the beginning of all dental dental visits to decrease pathogens in the aerosols, it's important to know there is no current evidence that it prevents against SARS-CoV-2, which is the virus that causes COVID-19.

Here at Parker River Dental we are using Peroxyl for our preprocedural rinse, an antiseptic mouthrinse powered by 1.5% hydrogen peroxide, its also Alcohol Free. The preprocedural process is simple and only takes a little over a minute, as it's two - 30 second rounds of swishing before we start. My patients have really enjoyed the preprocedural rinse as it leaves them with a nice tingly gentle mint taste.


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