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~Happy July 4th~

We hope everyone is having a safe, an awesome holiday and wearing their Red, White and Blue! We are closed this week, but wanted to share some fun historical facts about July 4th and its traditions as the birth of American Independence.

  • July 4th is also known as Independence Day.

  • On July 2, 1776 the continental congress voted in favor of independence, 2 days later on July 4th 13 colonies adopted the Declaration of Independence, the historic document drafted by Thomas Jefferson.

  • It’s been a Federal Holiday Since 1941

  • Independence Day traditions date back to the 18th Century and the American Revolution. These traditions include Festivals, Fireworks, Parades, Concerts and Barbecues which most of us all still carry on today.

  • New York City has the largest Fireworks Display

  • 3 presidents have died on July 4th ( John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe)

Enjoy your day and family traditions!

Our office will re-open on Tuesday July 10th @ 8am

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